On May 18, the next educational event “Museum Night” was held as part of the celebration of International Museum Day. 8 hours of non-stop events, more than 300 participants (guests and residents of the city) aged 0 to 85 years.

The theme of the action was proposed by the International Council of Museums (ICOM), of which our museum is a member. This year it sounded like this: "Museums as cultural centers: the future of tradition." All the events that our museum held were built into this single thematic outline.

The photo quest “Dubna: a journey from the past to the future” launched the action. Almost 50 teams, which consisted of children, adults and parents with children, participated in a fascinating and informative game of local lore. Since this quest is far from the first in the history of our museum, the organizers had to rack their brains over the search for new interesting objects in the institute’s part of the city, over the wording of tasks. As a result, we managed to come up with extraordinary questions that required patience, erudition and quick wit from the participants in the photo quest. All participants were waiting for an unforgettable walk around the Institute, amazing places, unraveling secrets, new knowledge. During the game about the sights and memorials of Dubna, the participants learned many interesting details.

Two excursion sessions were held in the museum, dedicated to the history and traditions of Scientific Dubna, its international relations. The guests heard a story about the creative hobbies and cultural initiatives of JINR physicists (amateur theater, KVN, concerts of V. Vysotsky and performances by A. Voznesensky, creative evenings of fraternities, etc.); about famous people who visited our city and left their mark here. About the sporting glory of Dubna - water skiing and chess in particular. About feature films that were shot and presented in our city. And much, much more.

In parallel with the excursion, the start and the finish of the photo quest, the museum hosted the QuizKids children's intellectual and entertaining team game for primary school children. 5 teams of curious guys clashed in a battle of minds, erudition, intuition and quick wits. The game turned out to be informative, fun and exciting, no one left upset.

After the children's quiz, a lecture "Museums at the crossroads of history" was held. The lecturer spoke about the unique fate of the oldest planetary museum founded by the Macedonians in Alexandria; about the most amazing and original museums in the world. About museum curiosities, including the most high-profile thefts and robberies ... And of course, about the fruitful development of museum traditions, about the anxieties and hopes of museum workers.

And the “Museum Night” ended with the intellectual game “What?” Where? When? ”, In which 5 adult teams participated. The theme of the game corresponded to time and place: "Museum Secrets."

Our museum thanks everyone who took part in the "Museum Night" promotion! See you next year!