The Museum pays a lot of attention to work with children and youth, the formation of their wide interest in the activities of JINR and in scientific research in physics in general.

There is “Class lab”, where children (and adults also) can take part in unusual scientific experiments.

The mathematical section is represented by exhibits from geometry (two Movable theorems of Pythagoras, Tangram) and game theory (3-dimensional tic-tac-toe, King, Mikado, etc.)

The physical section is represented by exhibits from

 - mechanics (Dead loop, Inclined rails, Tricky wheels, Arched bridge of Leonardo da Vinci, Block-arch bridge, Brachistochrona, Yoga seat, Lamp floor, Newton's pendulum, Walking goby, Bead fountain, etc.),
 - optics (Combined mirror, Endless corridor, Dangling coin, Two ages, Fito-Rudolph, Violets Hundred days, Oncoming circles, Multi-top, Spinning rainbow, etc.),
 - electricity (Tesla Coil, Tesla Plasma Ball, Van de Graaf Generator, Cosmic Ray Stand, Conductivity Stand),
 - magnetism (Magnetic levitation, Magnetic fluid, Magnetic force cylinder, Magnetic bridge, etc.),
 - at the junction of mechanics and optics - Contact tiles,
 - at the junction of mechanics and nuclear physics - Rutherford model of experience.

In addition, the Classroom Laboratory is well equipped with dishes and reagents for conducting various chemical experiments.