In the jubilee year of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, employees of the Jinr Museum decided to devote a special lecture to JINR scientists who had contributed to the victory on the fronts of World War II.

It will tell about ten JINR veterans well-known to senior generations of Dubna citizens. Their life milestones will be traced in more or less detail, starting from 1939 – 1941 and up to the victorious year 1945.

Some of our heroes met 22 June as young and promising specialists, some of them were students, some of them were school graduates. The war scorched their destinies but killed neither their human dignity nor their passion for science.

The lecture will be delivered in the JINR Museum as soon as possible. Nowadays, everyone interested can get acquainted with it on the Museum’s website – JINR Scientists in the Great Patriotic War.

During the anniversary year, the Museum will continue publishing biographies of WWII participants who worked at the Institute and contributed to its establishment and development.